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Leads Love Speed!

Convert regular leads into HOT LEADS on Autopilot by addressing the biggest issue of Lead Generation which is:

Speed to Lead

The evidence is clear that engaging with a new lead within the first 5 minutes skyrockets the Lead Conversion rate.

It is virtually impossible for businesses to engage and follow up with 100% of ALL leads within 5 minutes.

That is until NOW!

GoHighLevel has solved this problem with Automation

Sped to Leads is probably the single coolest and most powerful feature of GHL

Check out this Must Watch video:

(Viewing time: 5:01)

Below are just a few short video explanations of the many system benefits, built in to GoHighLevel that can give your business, or your clients quick and easy WIN scenarios!

1. The SMS Text Win

(Viewing time: 4:15)

The most powerful win that GHL can deliver for a customer focused business is the power of SMS text messaging.

We all know that nobody wants to be on the phone anymore.

We all prefer to text.

And when it comes to marketing, the statistics are clear.

The delivery rates, the open rates, the conversion rates of SMS messages versus email are through the roof.

The problem is that most businesses still do not have a way to communicate with their prospects and customers via text messaging.

Until now because YOU are going to empower them!

2. The Missed-Call Text-Back Win

(Viewing time: 1:45)

Missed-Call Text-Back is automatically turned on,

because every day, on average 62% of calls that go to small businesses go unanswered.

Crazy. Right? Crazy, but true.

Even if your business is only experiencing say 5 > 10% unanswered calls, that is still a significant loss in sales and revenue for your business / client business.

Well, the missed call text back fixes this.

Because every time a call comes in to your new number that doesn't get answered, it will automatically fire back a text message that says,:

Hey, sorry, I missed your call. How can we help?

3. The Mobile App Win

(Viewing time: 4:00)

This next WIN is super easy and super powerful, and that's the mobile app.

With the GoHighLevel mobile app, which we call Lead Connector, you can take your business on the go and you can allow your clients to take their businesses on the go.

With the mobile app, you can manage your contacts, your prospects, your opportunities, your reviews, all of that right from your pocket.

It's so powerful, in fact, that statistically, it's one of the top ways to reduce client churn.

4. The Facebook & Instagram Win

(Viewing time: 2:14)

It's extremely difficult for businesses to manage leads and conversations across all these social networks these days.

This pain can be alleviated by connecting you/your client Facebook and Instagram accounts to GoHighLevel

Once this connection is made, GHL will automatically start pulling in the Facebook messages and the Instagram DMs right into the conversation stream.

All in one place - easy to manage - not a single lead missed!

5. The Google Business Chat Win

(Viewing time: 3:25)

The average small business receives over 1000 visits every month through their Google business profile.

What's crazy though is that most businesses still aren't aware that you can actually activate a Chat feature on this platform which receives the hottest of all leads.

Prospective clients / customers actively searching your specific business products and services

Google messaging direct from your/your client business Google profile brings yet more leads to your business!

6. The Reputation Management Win

(Viewing time: 3:51)

It's no secret that positive online reviews drive more sales.

In fact, 94% of consumers say they're more likely to buy from a business that has positive reviews.

But did you know that 84% of consumers say they're more likely to choose a business that REPLIES TO THEIR REVIEWS as well?

That's right. So it's absolutely critical that you are:

1) GENERATING more reviews from your customers

2) REPLYING to all of them

The challenge is most businesses don't know how to do either one of those things, but the good news is GoHighLevel completely solves this problem.

And guess what? It's already set up!

When you connect the Facebook account, and then connect the Google business profile, GHL automatically starts pulling all the new reviews from Facebook and Google right into the conversation stream.

Replying to your Reviews is now super easy - of course all from the convenience of the Mobile App.

7. The HighLevel Webchat Widget Win

(Viewing time: 4:43)

This next quick and easy win will turn any business website into a lead generating machine.

The GoHighLevel web chat widget enables you to put a chat widget at the bottom corner of all of your/your client websites, that serves as a gateway into an SMS conversation.

This is not the old school Live Chat where you open it up and you send your message and it replies within say 6 hours.

Let's be real. Nobody's going to sit around and wait for that reply.

But the GHL web chat widget is just a gateway into an SMS text.

Meaning when the prospective client/customer engages with the web chat, it comes into the system as an SMS text.

And when we reply, it goes back to the lead's phone as a text message.

So we untether our prospects and our customers from our website.

They're free to go about their day, but we maintain the conversation.

You will be amazed at how many leads and conversations the web chat widget generates once you get it set up.

8. The Call To Action Forms Win

(Viewing time: 4:00)

Marketers know that every website should have a CTA - Call To Action form, where somebody can enter in their details to claim some sort of offer.

The problem is most websites don't, and therein lies the opportunity.

With GoHighLevel forms, we can add a call to action form to any website.

It's quick, it's easy, and it generates a ton of free leads!

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